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Colgate® Peroxyl® Mouth Sore Rinse, Mild Mint, 16.9 Fluid OunceID732029 HSD5430175
6 Per Case
Colgate® Peroxyl® is an alcohol-free oral debriding agent and oral wound cleanser that cleanses and promotes healing of minor oral wounds. It is powered by 1.5% hydrogen peroxide and its oxygenating action removes debris and helps prevent infection.

Product Characteristics:

  • Contains 1.5% hydrogen peroxide

  • Ready to use solution, should not be diluted

  • Great tasting mint flavor

  • Alcohol-free formula* 

       *Does not contain ethyl alcohol

Product Benefits:

  • Antiseptic mouth rinse to help lower bioburden when conducting procedure

  • Cleanses and promotes healing of minor oral wounds (oral sores, irritations, mouth burns)

  • Soothes minor gum inflammation from dental procedures, dentures and orthodontic appliances

  • Oxygenating action removes oral debris to facilitate healing 

  • Ideal for patients with sensitive mouths

Important Safety Information and Usage Instructions